Nichelle Jenkins


Nichelle is a NASM and Pn-1 certified strength nutrition coach with 18 years experience coaching in-person and virtual clients in major U.S. cities. A former New Yorker blending equal parts big passion and no-nonsense sprinkled with bouts of big belly laughter, she is named after the real-life actor who first portrayed the iconic Captain Uhura on the one-of-a-kind TV drama Star Trek.  Nichelle’s mission is to help people at every stage boldly chart course toward their strongest and fittest selves.

Nichelle takes pride in continuing education and training, obtaining certifications that support her clients through life’s many changes and ensuring a holistic and functional approach to  wellness. She is also a group fitness instructor and corporate wellness architect for Bay Area and New York City values-driven organizations.


Kettlebell Training



Nutritional Counseling


NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

FAI - Functional Aging Specialist

Stott Pilates Apprentice

PROnatal Certified Coach

CPR/AED Certified


"Nichelle is an outstanding source of knowledge, encouragement, and support.  As someone not comfortable in my body, Nichelle’s focus on the positive, endless patience, earnest training approach and lovely sense of humor are making my fitness journey a less daunting one."

-Kerry G.

"Working out with Nichelle is a highlight of my week and has been, weekly almost without exception the last nearly 4 years.  She’s wise, fun, funny, focused, and incredibly smart about how to train people and their bodies effectively.  At age 49 I am by far the strongest I have ever been in my life thanks to my training with Nichelle. After working with Nichelle I’ve also finally been able to return to trail running, something I’ve loved, but had to abandon because of nagging injuries."

-Jeff M.

"After giving birth I realized I hadn’t spared a second thought about fitness. Nichelle was very patient with me as I was in less than ideal shape postpartum.  Nichelle helped me navigate my way to the best shape of my life and she’s been an incredible inspiration these last 5 years."

-Julia H.

"Nichelle is a godsend!  She’s been super responsive to my needs as they’ve changed throughout my pregnancy but doesn’t shy away from challenging me.  I feel incredibly strong and empowered working with Nichelle."

-Sangay S.

"Pre-pandemic I was at the top of my game. Three years later I had turned into a 45-year old loose bag of flesh with a nagging shoulder injury. Over the last 6 moths Nichelle has helped me get back into my body and gain a ton of strength. I have never felt stronger."

-Erica S.

"I spent years in the gym mostly doing cardio.  I wasn’t seeing the body comp changes I wanted. Then I started working with Nichelle.  I started to lean out, run faster, and feel strong.  She not only trained me, she gave me confidence and instruction to master the weight room for myself."

-Hannah B.

"It is true what they say:  getting older is not for the faint of heart, but at least I’ve got a secret weapon:  my training with Nichelle.  Working with her has improved my general health, my bone density, and even my outlook enormously.  She brings so much expertise and heart to what she does.  Give yourself the gift of working with Nichelle!"

-Elisabeth K.