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I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Z-Health Neural Performance Specialist, and a competitive ultimate frisbee player.

As an athlete in my late 40's, I understand the challenges of balancing family, friends, and career, with personal health and well-being and I want to help you experience the confidence, balance, and power that comes from moving well. I work with teams and individuals to optimize performance, to recover from surgery and injury and to build strength, confidence and mobility in mid-life and beyond.

Z-Health is a neuro-scientifically based approach to personal training. Rooted in the understanding that the brain and nervous system control and limit movement based on learned patterns and past hurts, Z-Health addresses the root issues that cause bodies to limit themselves. Assessing vision, vestibular fitness, movement patterns and mechanics and past injury, I offer simple, neuroscience-based corrections to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I recognize that every day is different, and what worked for you yesterday may not be what you need today. With a training program customized for your needs, I make every workout fun and unique.

You’ll discover that you can do things you didn’t think possible, or possible anymore!

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ACE - American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer

Z-Health T-Phase, Exercise Therapy

Z-Health S-Phase, Movement Performance

Z-Health I-Phase, Movement Integration

Z-Health R-Phase, Movement Rehabilitation

Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

CPR/AED Certified


"Jonathan is the most attentive, most effective trainer I've had. I have complications from childhood foot surgery -- Jonathan has been able to do more for my strength and flexibility than any physical therapist I've had in the past 40+ years. He's brought his vast body of knowledge to bear, and has come up with a wide variety of exercises that have been hugely helpful. He's also really nice and easy to work with. I trust him completely and feel a huge amount of relief knowing I'm in such good care. Highly recommended."

-Tricia M.

"Jonathan of Jonathan Ingersoll Fitness is a fantastic personal trainer. He is full of positive energy, fun, smart, and a great communicator. He's very knowledgeable about the human body and brings that to every session, making helpful suggestions if I'm struggling with a particular exercise. His sessions are fun, brisk but not torturous and always seem to go by relatively quickly which to me is a sign that I am enjoying things. I'm currently enrolled in one of his online zoom classes so the commute is easy! If you've been on the fence about getting a personal trainer I highly encourage you to contact Jonathan!"

-Michael W.

"I have been working with Jonathan for over four years and it has been amazing. As someone who has never really stuck to an exercise routine, and was overdue in attending to my body, I couldn’t have found a more supportive, positive, and thoughtful trainer. He always starts with where I am, and works to take me to the next step. He challenges me, celebrates progress, provides perspective, and knows when to find different approaches to address particular issues that come up. His depth of knowledge with Z Health and brain training has been great for me, and I am very appreciative of his ability to explain the rationale behind different exercises, as I’m someone who likes to know the “why.” Finally, he’s kind and he’s fun. Jonathan gets top recommendations from me!"

-Jacquey B.

"I strongly recommend Jonathan. He has extensive experience and knowledge of exercise and the body-mind connection, is patient, empathetic, and best of all encourages and pushes me to the next level with gentle nudges. I am stronger, healthier, and more confident as a result. He also exercises all muscles of the body so that you get a full body workout."

-Larry F

"Working with Jonathan has been incredibly helpful for my mobility, nervous system, and strength. He is a deep well of knowledge of the brain + body connection and brings attention, care, and diligence to every session. I'd recommend Jonathan any and every day :)"

-Jasmine M.

"I am thrilled with the results of my training sessions with Jonathan!
I have a desk job and, over the last 10 months, I have spent more time sitting than I ever have. So, when I first started training with him, I was in the worst shape I've been in the last 10 years. 60+ hour work weeks had sapped my energy for anything but work and made it easy to find excuses why I didn't have time for exercise.

Enter Jonathan!
Our sessions leave me energized for the rest of my day and have inspired me to reclaim my active lifestyle. The practical application of all this really came into focus the other day. I was out playing soccer with my 19 and 15 year old sons. Despite having not played in a year+, I had the energy to keep pace with these teenagers. Likewise, the last 5 months of core and leg work has improved the strength and accuracy of my shots on goal.
Thanks Jonathan, mission accomplished!

-Eugene D.