Eddy Aguirre

Studio FitLife

Active in sports from a young age, Eddy had long been drawn to anatomy and physiology.

Eddy realized that he could combine his love of sports and desire to learn about the human body after taking an “Intro to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training” class at Diablo Valley College. One year later he transferred to California State University, East Bay, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. While at CSUEB, he spent many hours as a volunteer in the training room working alongside the Head Athletic Trainer and developing a keen sense for injury prevention and evaluation.

Eddy became a personal trainer in 2012, and continued his education by obtaining certifications in Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, TRX and Olympic Weightlifting. In 2014, he was introduced to Z-Health Performance and his world would change forever. Z-Health provided him with the tools to assess movement, and develop safe and effective programs that integrate the body and the brain.

Understanding how each client’s body moves and responds to tasks is central to Eddy’s motivation. His bright disposition and sensitive nature, along with Passion, Empathy, and Integrity fuel his desire to create new and exciting ways to help his clients move efficiently and pain-free.


M.A. Coaching & Athletic Administration - Concordia University, Irvine

B.S. Kinesiology - California State University, East Bay

ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

Z-Health Structure

Z-Health Strength & Suppleness

Z-Health Sustenance & Spirit

Z-Health Speed

Z-Health Skill & Style

Z-Health Stamina

Z-Health T-Phase, Exercise Therapy

Z-Health S-Phase, Movement Performance

Z-Health I-Phase, Movement Integration

Z-Health R-Phase, Movement Rehabilitation

Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine, Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM - Weight Loss Specialist

TBMM - The BioMechanics Method, Corrective Exercise

ELEIKO Olympic Weightlifting Strength Coach Level 1

TRX Level 2 Sports Medicine

TRX Level 1 Functional Training

CPR/AED Certified


"I have been working with Eddy weekly for the past four years.  I look forward to each workout and have gotten stronger and more fit over the years. In addition, Eddy is a great listener and comes up with effective solutions to physical issues that come up with me from time to time. I have often set up my adult kids for sessions with Eddy when they are in town and they report he helps them develop the proper form and strategies to sustain their own workouts when they get home.  I can enthusiastically
recommend Eddy."

-Martin A., Oakland

"I found Eddy after having tried out several other trainers and have never looked back. If you are looking for someone that will let you coast through a training session then Eddy is definitely not your guy. He pushes you, and hard. But he also has an ultra impressive knowledge of anatomy and physiology so it is like having a personal trainer and physical therapist rolled into one. I'm not concerned I'm going to injure myself since he knows the body and its limits. He has trained my 77 year old mother who couldn't even bend down to tie her shoes when she started and can now do deep squats. My husband now also joins me for sessions as we're doing our best to stay fit as we age. Eddy helps us mentally and physically. He gets my highest recommendation."

-Jennifer W., Oakland

"I have been working with Eddy for about three years. Without any question he is a master trainer. Eddy possesses both comprehensive and esoteric training knowledge, spanning many different systems of physical wisdom and application. He knows how my senior body malfunctions and how it should properly work. He guides my overall training and also zeroes in on troublesome areas like my injured back or painful hip. He has made useful recommendations to other therapeutic providers. He is a low-key guy, humorous, and humanly well-rounded, too! Check him out!"

-Larry M., Oakland

"After decades of dancing and a past shoulder injury flaring up recently, training with Eddy has allowed my body to move more freely. Eddy takes the time to learn my body's movements and past experiences so that he understands where my body's pain comes from. He is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy and corrective exercises. His training has strengthened my body and has made the range of motion in my shoulder so much better, as well as, relieving me from pain while I dance. He is warm, personable and gives me the tools I need to continue my progress at home."

-Alma C., Oakland

"Eddy has been my trainer for 4 years and has made a huge difference in my day to day comfort as well as my stamina and strength. He has an innate sense of how to tune the body and is remarkably creative with each workout. Never boring, always fun."

-Linda A., Oakland

"Although I have been seeing Eddy only briefly, I have already learned a great deal about fitness. Getting in shape is a priority for me and for anyone who is interested in good form and technique, working with Eddy is a MUST. He has a knowledge of the mind-body connection that is superb and universal. I guarantee he will help you get your physique in balance and correct, whatever your goals. I would recommend
him to anyone."

-Alex A., New York

"I’ve been training with Eddy for 5 years now, and my experience has been phenomenal. I trust him completely to know my body and my capabilities, and to help me reach my limits every session."

-Rachel H., Oakland

"After being on a plethora of medications, I gained 45 pounds in 3 years. Even after finally getting off the meds, it was impossible to lose the weight. And then I met Eddy. Within a year and a half, I had lost all the weight, was toned, and most importantly felt and was strong. I could see the definition in my arms and legs. And in my 50's that was the last thing I thought would have ever happened! Eddy was patient and encouraging and never lost faith even when I floundered. He consistently reviewed my exercise plans and adapted when needed. His advice on my diet, sleep cycle and overall health was second to none. I have no doubt that without Eddy's care, patience, and concern, I would have never reached my goal. Eddy and I continue to work together. My goal is to go into my 60's and beyond and stay strong and healthy. His support is invaluable. I would recommend him wholeheartedly. You cannot find a better trainer!"

-Gail G., San Francisco

"When I started strength training I was unable to see the results I was looking for in my lower body. Eddy was patient, compassionate and super fun to workout with. He not only helped me engage my lower body muscles correctly but also educated me along the way. Eddy has now become my body's therapist and I'm way more in tune with it than I ever have been. Understanding how to use mind to body connection has changed the way I view fitness. With Eddy, strength training is not just a way to build muscle but a way to pay attention to my body and a chance to take care of it."

-Ana Lisa S., Oakland