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Carmela fell in love with movement and athletics at a very young age and hasn't looked back since. She studied Exercise Science at Willamette University, co-owned a gym in Berkeley for five years, and now works one-on-one with clients that want to move better, not feel their age, and learn how to take care of their bodies from a more brain based perspective. She believes that true fitness is different for everyone and that people don’t have to buy into the marketing that you need to beat up your body in order to get stronger.

In addition to her certifications from the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) and TRX, Carmela has completed numerous continuing education courses with Z-Health Performance which has allowed her to take her coaching to a whole new level. She is also a Macro Nutrition Coach as well as a Moderation365 Coach and truly enjoys helping clients with their nutrition by focusing on nourishment and bio-individuality vs dieting and deprivation.

She wholeheartedly believes:

- Your body deserves better than what the general fitness industry can offer.
- You can move and feel better now than when you were younger.
- Age doesn’t have to be your ‘limiting factor’.
- Your injury doesn’t define you and your diagnosis is not your destiny.
- You can change anything you want to.
- True fitness entails a wide array of factors: great health, pain-free movement, excellent vestibular (balance) and visual reflexes and skills, among a few more.

She enjoys showing clients the tools and techniques that can help them relieve pain, get stronger faster, improve their vision and balance, and improve or learn movement skills regardless of their age. She believes that everyone is an athlete (no matter what their sports background is) and that each client's body holds more potential for great accomplishments than we realize.

She can be reached at: or on Instagram (@carmelalieras).


B.A. Exercise Science, Willamette University 2002

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

Z-Health Structure

Z-Health Strength and Suppleness

Z-Health Sustenance & Spirit

Z-Health Speed

Z-Health Stamina

Z-Health T-Phase, Exercise Therapy

Z-Health S-Phase, Movement Performance

Z-Health I-Phase, Movement Integration

Z-Health R-Phase, Movement Rehabilitation

Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

Macro Nutrition Certification Moderation 365 Nutritional Consultant

TRX® Suspension Training (STC) & Group Training Course

CPR/AED Certified


"Hi Carmela,
You're catching me in Italy, just after I've done a beautiful hike from one town to another along steep cliffs, up and down steps of uneven stones, for two very challenging hours. And along the way, more than once, I found myself saying thank you, Carmela!"

- Judy E., Oakland (via email while on vacation)

"I used to think pain after a workout meant I'd done a good job. I don't believe that anymore. I love my trainer. She will change the way you think about traditional workouts and get you moving more. I'm a convert. Thanks Carmela!"

Cindy R., Oakland

"I walked down the hill to Peet’s yesterday morning with NO KNEE PAIN!!! First time since last knee surgery and it's all thanks to you!!! I think skiing or backpacking may be in my future again. Thanks again for the great work and resurrecting my knee!!!"

Rae Ann S., Texas (formerly from Oakland)